Malted barley is milled to break open the grain to allow access to the sugar-rich, starchy inside.


The malt is mixed with hot brewing liquor and held for 1 hour at 66°C in the mash tun. Natural barley enzymes convert the starch to fermentable sugars. Colour and flavour are also drawn from the malt during this hour. Once the brewer is happy that the starch has been converted to sugar, the sweet liquid or 'wort' is separated from the spent malt, which is then sent to the farmer as animal feed.


Wort is boiled for 1 hour in the Copper to kill off any wild yeast and bacteria. Hops are added early during the boil to give the beer its bitterness and towards the end, to add flavour. The aromas and flavours can be chosen by using particular hop varieties.

Cooling & Aeration

To capture and hold the hop aroma, the beer is cooled quickly to 21°C in a heat exchanger on the way to the conditioning and fermentation tanks. Air is mixed with the beer to help the yeast during fermentation.


Yeast is added to the beer which converts the sugars to alcohol, producing a complex mix of flavours and aromas. The temperature is controlled between 21°C and 23°C. Primary fermentation last 3 to 5 days.


Towards the end of the primary fermentation, as most of the sugar is converted to alcohol the beer is cooled to 6°C, slowing fermentation down. The tank is sealed for 3 to 4 days to add condition to the beer, as fermentation continues slowly and sediment settles.


Clean and sterilised casks are filled, or "racked", with fresh beer. The beer still contains small amounts of sugar and yeast allowing secondary fermentation to occur in the cask, known as cask conditioning. Finings are added to help the sediment settle once in a cellar. The racked casks are moved to the temperature controlled beer store held at 10 to 12°C. Cask conditioning continues for up to 7 days before the beer is ready for delivery.

Brewing Philosophy

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We like to experiment, we like to have fun but most of all we enjoy nothing more than watching our friends & family of customers enjoy our beers.

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